Bridge Inspection Vehicle (Platform Type-15m)

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Bridge Inspection Vehicle (Platform Type-15m)

Model: HZZ5251JQJ

Technical Specification

Main description:

Bridge Inspection Vehicle is the latest operating vehicle which independently developed by our company, it has nice exterior, compact structure, easy operation, safe and reliable features. It can safely and efficiently send staff and testing equipment to any location which the bridge magnitude allowed, in the meanwhile complete the work in the shortest time. It also meet the testing requirements for most different bridges.




Platform type Bridge inspection vehicle used FAW chassis, drive mode is 6 × 4, the maximum driving speed is 90km / h, maximum working speed is 10m/min, maximum operating inspection speed is 10m/min, and good view cab with air conditioning system and FM / AM radio, it is very suitable for large bridges, overpasses, approach bridges and other various types of bridge preventive inspection.


Product standard:



Bridge Inspection Vehicle


Outer dimension, axle load and mass limit for Road vehicle

GB/T 3766

General technical conditions for hydraulic system

GB 4785

Installation rule for vehicle and exterior lighting signal

GB 7258

Safety specifications for vehicle operating on roads

GB/T 7935

General technical conditions for hydraulic component

GB/T 9969.1

Instructions on industrial products

GB 11567.1

Side protection requirements for vehicle and trailer

GB 11567.2

Rear and bottom protection requirements for vehicle and trailer

GB/T 12534

General rules of the road test method for vehicle

GB/T 18411

Product label for vehicle

JB/T 5943

General technical requirements for engineering machinery welding

QC/T 252

Type testing procedures for special vehicle

QC/T 484

Vehicle paint coating

QC/T 719

High-altitude operation vehicle

QC/T 29104

Hydraulic oil solid pollution limits for vehicle hydraulic system

QC/T 29105

Hydraulic oil solid pollution test method for vehicle hydraulic system


Main characteristic:

1.Leading Technology

It is the high-tech products which has dozens of patents for an invention and utility model patents, and developed with comprehensive facts for the bridge structure, to ensure the technology and performance of vehicle is located in the domestic and overseas leading level.

2. Optimization Chassis


Used FAW chassis, attractive appearance, strong power, huge carrying capacity, good stability, economic environment and the luxurious cab, especially for long-time work.

3. Reliable Performance

Vehicle electrical, hydraulic control systems used all imported components; Main structure parts made of imported high-strength steel, welded with imported high-strength welding wire.

4. Loading Capacity is strong

Max. load on platform is 600kg.

5. Wide range of application

Horizontal range: 9300-15000mm, Max. crossing of sound barrier: 2230mm-3100mm, Max. overbridging of sidewalk:1700-2500mm.

6. High Working Efficiently

Can be inspected the entire fan of bottom of bridge at the same time, used mechanical hydrostatic self-propelled patent technology, the operating speed is 15m/min.

7. Powerful Communication Function

Configure the video image monitoring system, enabling multi-party video intercom, platform monitoring, reverse video and other functions to ensure smooth communication.

8. With Complete Accessory

Users may need to select the individual of various types configuration to extend bridge inspection vehicle’s functions.

9. High Adaptability To Circumstance

Has a good performance in high temperatures, low temperatures, high humidity and other harsh natural environment, such as elevation of 2000m, ambient temperature -20 ℃ to +50 ℃, relative humidity 98%, wind level 6 that also can work properly.

10. Good operation performance

Equipped with imported wireless remote control(original from Germany NBB), the control distance is 100 meters.


 Main specification for bridge Inspection unit:



Platform type

Max. horizontal range


Max. lowering depth


Width of platform


Space required on bridge


Max. load on platform


Max. load on telescopic platform


Max. overbridging of sidewalk


Max. crossing of sound barrier


Rotation of platform


Rotation of platform




Overall dimensions

11000(L)×2550(W)×4000 (H)mm

Single axle load weight

1st axle    


2nd axle


3rd axle



Main specification for chassis:





Drive Select




轴数 No. Of Axle


Drive Type

Second axle, Third axle


295/80 R22.5

No. Of Tyre


Max. speed(km/h)





Engine Configuration

Longitudinally set




Inline six-cylinder, four stroke, water-cooled, turbocharge inter-cooled diesel engine.



Fuel Type


Emission Standard

Euro 5

Rated Power(kw)/speed(r/min)


Max. Torque(N.m)/Speed(r/min)






Cab over engine, tilting type with sleeper


2 Person




Number of Forward gears


Gearbox ratios



Steering Type

Recycling Ball Integral Power Steering

Front Axle


Integral forging, “I” shaped section

Rear Axle


Rear axle for the casting bridge, the overall impact of welding bridge shell, single-stage slowdown

Final Drive Ratio


Brake System


Double circuit pneumatic brake system

Drive Type

Foot pedal




Leaf spring, dependent suspension

Number of Leaf Spring




Leaf spring, dependent suspension

Number of Leaf Spring




  • Chassis designed and manufactured by FAW company, used low-roof cab with nice appearance and wide vision.  

  • Cab optional air condition, driver’s seat can be moved front and back, back and lift height of the seat can be adjusted, the cab also can take 2 passengers.

  • Instrument board configuration: Speedometer, water temperature, fuel gauge, engine speed recorder,alarm indicator, gear position indicator light,turning indicator light.

  • Rear axle equipped with four hydraulic cylinder for supporting wheel, supporting the chassis frame when working, to increase stability and safety for the vehicle.

  • The control panel equipped with button or switch for hydraulic pump control, transfer case(retarder motor) control, walking control.


Horizontal truss :

  • Horizontal truss is consists of outside and inside truss.

  • Outside truss is made of high-strength steel, used advanced welding process to ensure the light weight.

  • Inside truss welded by high-strength aluminum alloy, it has nice appearance and light weight, meanwhile has sufficient strength and rigidity.

  • Through two supporting rollers to support inside truss to move in the rail.

  • The telescoping of horizontal truss through hydraulic motor drive the chain to move.

  • Outside truss mounted electrical limit for inside truss to ensure the safety of control.


Vertical truss :

  • Vertical truss is welded by high strength seamless torque tube profiles.

  • Vertical truss using left and right guide rail structure, it has nice appearance and light weight while has sufficient strength and rigidity.

  • Vertical truss using single cylinder to control telescopic, the range is 6800mm.


Overturning frame mechanism :

  • The overturning frame mechanism is mainly consists of overturning frame, cylinder, related fixed shaft, slider and other components.

  • The overturning frame provides telescopic slides for vertical truss, compact structure and nice appearance.

  • The overturning frame using overturning cylinder to support, structural stability and work reliable.

Main boom mechanism:

  • The main boom mechanism is four-link parallelogram lifting mechanism, mainly made of lifting hydraulic cylinder, connecting rod, main boom, pin and other components..

  • Lifting hydraulic cylinder equipped with hydraulic lock, to ensure that when the hydraulic pipe happen burst accident the main boom and other mechanism do not fall.

  • The connecting rod welded by high strength plate, strength safety factor higher to ensure the safety of the main boom lift and down.

Second rotating platform mechanism:

  • It is the rotating control mechanism for horizontal truss, is mainly made of slewing reducer,slewing bearing, small turntable, pin and other components.

  • Slewing reducer equipped with rotary cushion valve to ensure the safety at work; When happen the hydraulic pipe burst accident that the rotating mechanism is automatically locked.

  • Small turntable welded by high strength steel plate, high strength safety factor to ensure the safety of horizontal truss in the working process.


First rotating mechanism:

  • The first rotating mechanism to provide support for whole truss, is mainly composed of first rotating cylinder, slewing bearing, large turntable, pin and other components.

  • First rotating cylinder equipped with balancing valves to ensure when happen the hydraulic pipe burst accident that the first rotating mechanism is automatically locked.

  • Large turntable welded by high strength steel plate, high strength safety factor to ensure the safety of whole truss in the working process.

  • The first rotating mechanism equipped with electrical limit ensure the safety for whole operation progress, to prevent misuse.


Control mode:

  • Three control modes: Remote control, panel, manual, all can control the related action of the vehicle.

  • Three control modes can be quickly switched and also can be interlocked.

  • Three control modes has indicator lights to indicate the function, easy to operate.


Hydraulic system:

  • It is consists of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, lifting hydraulic cylinder, telescopic hydraulic cylinder, supporting wheel cylinder, hydraulic valve and hydraulic accessories.

  • Hydraulic pipelines using ferrule-type compression joint and precision seamless steel tubes.

  • Hydraulic valves using WALVOIL(Italy) and HAWE(Germany) brand.

  • Hydraulic pump using LEDUC(France) brand.

Electrical system:

  • Controller: EPEC(Finland)

  • Display screen: ESA(Italy)

  • Electric switch: SCHNEIDER(France)

  • Electrical system using DC 24V.

  • Proximity switch using inductive and photoelectric.

  • It has self-diagnostic function.

  • It has parameters auto-recovery function.


2   3   4


Lighting device:

  • Vertical truss mounted lights which used for night work.

  • Equipped strobe lights and arrow indicator which used for working alarm indication.

  • Headlight assembly and taillights assembly(High beam light/turn light/reversing light/stop light/outline marker lamps)


Safety protection device:

  • Display has hydraulic oil filter warning light, when the oil filter is blocked that the indicator lights, then should be clean or replace the filter.

  • Equipped the supporting wheel position indicator, when the supporting wheel are not in position so can’t allowed to operate the truss; The operator can’t drive when the supporting wheel has not retracted fully.

  • The fixed place of the vertical truss and horizontal truss installed tubular cushion rubber anti-collision devices.

  • Each proximity switch installed on supporting frame of main boom and truss gantry,  when the truss retract not in position that the supporting wheel can’t retract.

  • At the front and rear of vehicle are installed the tow hooks to pull forward or backward, it used in the engine and transmission failure and malfunction.

  • Equipped with reversing buzzer(BB sound) warning device.

  • Instrument panel equipped with parking brake indicator(P).

  • The supporting wheel equipped with protective circle which made of rubber to protect the operator’s feet are not crushed.

  • Equipped with vertical truss mechanical locking device to prevent accidental landing when a failure happens for hydraulic cylinder, to ensure the safety of operator.

  • The action sequence with a circuit interlock function.

  • When main oil pump happen failure, use the emergency pump can realize the operation for the bridge inspection vehicle.


Emergency operation and protection:

  • All cylinders installed the hydraulic lock, it played the role of insurance.

  • Equipped with emergency power and emergency pump to retract the vehicle in emergency situations, to ensure the vehicle promptly evacuated.

  • Press the emergency stop switch in case of emergency, all hydraulic actions immediately stop and engine also stop.

  • Rear axle installed four stabilizer cylinders, stable the spring steel when working.



Manual: Provide operation manual and maintenance manual with vehicle(Chinese version or English version.)


Label: Control panel, all safety instructions and other signs are produced by Chinese or English version.


Standard configuration list(Main components/Imported parts/Brand pieces)


Components name




Proportional multi-way valve

PSL 4H1F-350-3



Plunger pump




Retarder motor

OMSS 125



2nd rotating bearing




Slewing Reducer




High pressure filter




Multi-way valve for supporting wheel




Balance valve for retarder motor




Standby generator




Emergency pump




Remoter controller




Main Controller




Assistant controller




Tilt angle sensor




Tilt angle sensor









Drawing for outer dimensions(Front, side and working state side)



Company profile

Construction machinery

Zhejiang Wanshile Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd. is a key private enterprise in Zhejiang province, covering an area of 40,000m2. It possesses large-scale and professional metal working devices, including deep hole boring machines, large-scale vertical honing machines, super-deep heat treatment pit furnaces, vacuum heat treatment machines, medium frequency heat treatment devices, super-precision honing machines, and large-scale chromeplate devices etc.

Huzhou Wan Shi Le Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. has had a history of 20 years in manufacturing concrete pump accessories and pump maintenance; 24 years in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, and 8 years in manufacturing high-voltage concrete pumps. The company is a famous enterprise around China. It has provided accessories for 67 enterprises manufacturing concrete pumps successively. Its products are deeply trusted by users.

Development & Research

Through exploration and research for several years, the company began to research concrete drag pumps of WSL series in 1997. Through combining strong points of imported and domestic pumps, and integrating various advantages on a pump surface objectively, they can achieve the goal in height and amount. And at the same time, they can deliver coarse aggregate concrete and high labeling concrete. Their results can not be achieved by imported pumps in the same industry around China.


WSL90D-20 pump adopts Caterpillar No. 3306 type 210 horsepower diesel engine, while main oil pump and hydraulic valve use imported REXROTH originals, so that the pump can reach up to: 90M3/h of pumping displacement, above 210m of vertical pumping height, and above 1100m of horizontal pumping distance. Service life of pumping vat can not be lower than 35,000 -70,000m2 concrete, service life of wear-resistant parts under high voltage shall not be lower than 15,000 m2 concrete, while 25,000 m2 concrete under low voltage.

Construction performances

Shanghai Pudong New Area Jiaoyin Plaza (268m) constructed by No. 3 Branch of Shanghai Construction Group, Shanghai Pudong New Area Information Hinge Plaza (220m) and Shanghai Golden Sail Building (210m) constructed by No. 4 Branch of Shanghai Construction Group, and Shenzhen Royal Plaza constructed by No. 5 Branch of Jiangsu First Construction Company.


Recommended Products

HZK5121THB vehicle-mounted pump adopts Caterpillar No. 3306 type 210 horsepower diesel engine, while main oil pump and hydraulic valve use imported REXROTH originals, so that the pump can reach up to: 93.5M3/h of pumping displacement, above 220m of vertical pumping height, and above 1000m (24h of continuous working) of horizontal pumping distance. Service life of pumping vat can not be lower than 35,000 -70,000m2 concrete, service life of wear-resistant parts under high voltage shall not be lower than 25,000 m2 concrete, while 35,000 m2 concrete under low voltage.


Professional Processing Machine

Our company has a large range of equipment, such as deep-hole drilling and boring machines, large vertical grinding machines, ultra deep heat treatment well type furnaces, middle frequency heat furnaces, ultra precision grinding machines, numerical control underwater plasma cutting machines, CNC bending machines, imported automatic welding machines and large chrome plating equipment.


Professional Team

Our company is mainly engaged in the research design and production of concrete pumps, concrete line pumps, concrete placing pump, batching plant, mixer truck, dry-mixer mortar plant and block machine production lines. We can also tailor exclusive designs and manufacture various types of concrete construction equipment with the commitment of providing a one-stop service for clients. Coping with strict quality control, the main products of our company are the concrete pumps and the concrete line pumps, which adopts the Wanshile open circuit, full hydraulic reversing pumping system, high-quality hydraulic components, accessories such as resi-stance welding, butt welding and imported Germany Rexroth to make our star products with excellent performances and win our end users' praises.









Engine is DEUTZ diesel engine/ CAT diesel engine


High quality hydraulic components

Main pump and valves adopt REXROTH.


Advanced hydraulic systemadopt open circuit、full hydraulic logical control system,use normal wear 68# & 46# hydraulic oil are workable.


Piston-rod side Exchange

The exchange is manipulated withone push button, the piston-side androd-side is exchanged automatically,without dismantlment,no leakage and time saving.


Remote Control

The pump can be controlled by remote controller, which can be easily operated by operator.


Hyarauilc supports can be easily placed at the job site.


Main System Valve

Main valves system is compact and reliable, Few electrical elements,full hydraulic control, stable system, main system hydraulic oil no resistance and low oil temperature, reliable and low malfunction rate.


Glass Plate and Shearing Ring

Tungsten steel & original rubber piston which the life time can reach to convey 40,000 cube concrete. The special request can be choose the total tungsten steel wear plate, and the life time can be 100,000cube meter concrete.


Outlet and Interim Sleeve

Adopt plasma powder alloy sintering-global originality, own long life span, which is 5-10times of normal couplet welding products.


Hydraulic oil cylinder

Adopt Wanshile original maching processthe whole processing with vertical finishing, to ensure cylinder inner wall verticality and smooth, prolong the work life, ensure the oil cylinder with 300,000m3. Which other factory can't achieve.


Concrete cylinder

Adopt Wanshile original technique, the whole processing with vertical finishing, to ensure cylinder inner wall verticality and smooth, the thickness of galvanization layer is 0.25mm, ensure the concrete cylinder with a work life of 100,000m3.



The frigid zone, plateau area, WanshiLe will adopt CAT big cylinder engine, also have special design for the main system, filled with low pour point hydraulic oil, it can work under minus 40 degree .


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