What should be paid attention to during construction of pump trucks for concrete mixer trucks during peak summer construction?


For the construction industry, summer is the peak of construction. High temperature is accompanied by rain, it is an excellent concrete curing environment, which helps the rapid increase of concrete strength, and can directly promote the construction progress. Therefore, the strength of concrete pouring construction also reaches a peak with the temperature, but for the concrete pumping work In fact, the summer construction brings with it even greater difficulties and risks, especially for the maintenance work of the concrete mixer truck pump. In the summer construction, the concrete mixer truck pump needs to adopt the following conservation measures.

1. In the summer, the engine is prone to overheating. The quality of the engine coolant should be emphasized. It is necessary to purchase regular antifreeze and should be prepared. The engine radiator must be cleaned frequently to ensure that the engine cooling system is operating normally.

2. If the temperature of the pump of the concrete mixer exceeds 30°C, 0# lithium grease must be used, and 00# or 000# lithium grease must not be used. These unsuitable lithium-based greases should be well preserved for use in autumn and winter.

3. In the hot climate in summer, it is advisable to cover the conveying pipe of the trailer concrete pumps of the concrete mixing truck with a wet cover cloth, a straw bag, etc. so as to avoid the difficulty in the "dewatering" of the concrete in the pipe.

4. After the summer construction is completed, the mixing system and the external pipe of the concrete mixer truck pump must be thoroughly cleaned. Check out the random tools. Run for 20 minutes to fill grease points with grease. Return safely from the job site.