What are the advantages of Wanshile concrete mixing day pump?


The jib concrete pump A8, commonly known as the sky pump, is specially developed for the rural market by Wanshile. It can easily cope with narrow construction sites and is widely used in civil construction such as construction of new rural houses and construction of small commercial houses.

In the increasingly matured concrete mixing pump industry, customers have increasingly diversified their requirements for concrete mixing pumps due to different construction projects. On the road to innovation, Wanshi has never stopped. Following the independent research and development of agitation pumps, forced agitation pumps and other ace products, Wan Shile concrete jib stirrer pump is more suitable for small and medium-sized concrete pouring equipment, once introduced it will be popular!

The Wanshile blending day pump integrates functions such as mixing, conveying and fabrics. It comes with a full hydraulic boom system for fabrics, wireless remote control, safety and convenience, and efficient pumping. And the high degree of automation of the equipment, one person can operate, saving labor costs. The equipment is driven by a diesel engine and equipped with a compulsory mixer. The construction is highly efficient and time-saving. Day pump automatic high and low pressure switching, high export pressure, to meet the demanding requirements of high-quality concrete long-distance transmission, pumping vertical height of 25 meters, is the ideal construction of new rural construction, high-speed rail, bridges, tunnels, airports, ports and other projects equipment.