The difference between the effect of small concrete mixing pump and artificial feeding on product quality


The current small-scale concrete mixing pump has been widely used in major construction units. It can not only improve the construction efficiency, but also affect the quality of construction. So how does a small concrete mixing pump affect the construction quality? Now we compare the four aspects to describe the difference between feeding and artificial feeding of small concrete mixing pumps.

1, more than expected material
Automatic pumping feeding: Due to the small discharge port, uniform material discharge and high measurement accuracy, it can avoid the phenomenon of multiple feeding and less feeding.
Artificial feeding: arbitrariness, relying on the eyes and experience to judge, measurement error, it is prone to the phenomenon of more than expected material.

2, the skirt is sunken
Automatic pumping feeding: Usually the mold is fed after the mold is first closed, and there is no phenomenon that the small stones in the concrete are scattered on the skirt, resulting in the problem of the quality of the skirt recessed.
Artificial feeding: feed by mold opening, first closing mold after feeding, so the small stones in the concrete are scattered on the edge of the end plate. If the cleaning is not clean, the mold pressure sand can easily cause the skirt to sag when the mold is closed. Run the slurry, creating quality problems.

3, joint leakage phenomenon
Automatic pumping feeding: It is used after the first mold feeding, there is no spillover of concrete from the joints.
Artificial feeding: The mold feeding method is adopted. Normally, the mold is first fed after feeding. There is a small sand and gravel tends to exist on the joint edge of the grinding tool. Since the cleaning is not clean and there is a gap after the mold is closed, the joint is prone to occur. Leakage slurry quality problems produce defective piles or rods.

4, wall thickness uniformity
Automatic pumping feeding: This feeding method uses the weighing module to measure in sections, so the measuring method is very accurate, the error is small, and the uniformity of the wall thickness of the produced pipe piles and poles is also very high.
Artificial feeding: artificial feeding or moving trolley fabrics, easy to run materials, leakage, poor measurement accuracy.