Space heavy industry to carry out special quality rectification activities

he two types of mining vehicles, to "zero emissions, low power consumption, low noise, low failure, high life, easy maintenance" strong advantage, to solve the existing mine explosion-proof diesel vehicles, "high pollution, high fuel consumption, High failure, low life, difficult to maintain "short board. As the product allows underground workers to breathe the same air as the ground, by the first-line mine workers welcome by the users and the media praised as "a landmark modern green mine environmental intelligent auxiliary transport equipment," has become the world's first " Zero emission green mining roadway "for the mountains.
Is such a disdain, bright future explosion-proof trackless rubber tire material carrier, but in the batch production, the first in the assembly process there has been a quality problem, a production schedule and delivery of the stumbling block. One can imagine, as the most representative of the strength of the company, the company can also bring economic growth point of the product, the quality of rectification will be imminent.
Yang Chenghua, deputy general manager of Aerospace Heavy Industries stressed: the quality of rectification requires everyone to go all out, rectification content to do the whole process, all-round, must take the machine overtime "five self-control" experience in place.
Yang Cheng-hua said "machine overtime 'five self-control' experience", is the company some time ago in the manufacture of machine overtime to carry out the "self-test, since the points, self-fill, self-correction and self- "The test run activities. In the 45-day event, the machine overtime members adhere to the "drawings do not understand do not start, the process does not digest the file does not start, do not solve the problem does not start" and "three noes" operation method, in strict accordance with the " , According to the standard "processed products, so that self-test points from the accuracy rate of 100%, a delivery pass rate of 99.9%.
Obviously, 99.9% of the results can not meet the aspirations of the high-level space heavy industry, they will not use 99.9% to cover up 0.1% of the error, they just want to put 100% effort to put an error of one hundred thousand, 100% To create a truly world-class products, with any test of the product can withstand the dream for the user!
Ruthless hand> care of the inequality
In the aerospace heavy industry, similar to the quality of rectification is not the first time, as early as February, the company to "enhance the quality of consciousness, and promote self-management" as the theme, launched a comprehensive series of space activities. Chairman Zhong Jiangguo at the mobilization meeting, asked the leading cadres and quality workers have to shout "self-management, to me in line with" the courage to really take the product as a character to do.
In September, Aerospace Heavy Industries launched a 50-day National Quality Month Program. Through technical exchanges, in-house training and quality seminars, the company has effectively consolidated the quality consciousness and promoted the concept of quality. The staff in the future work more focus on product quality, strict implementation of process requirements, but also to promote the production team to improve the quality management level.
Repeated quality rectification, not the poor quality of products to the point of hopelessness, but to make the product excellence, to meet the needs of the market and users. Zhong Jiangguo explained that frequent rectification, "only the quality of the work really fine, do real, companies can get permanent development, employees can get real benefits."
The quality of the incident is purely by chance, but this is the accident, so that the leadership of space heavy industry once again under the pain of ruthless hands, there is a purpose not to withdraw troops ambition and spirit.
General Manager Guo Jinsong stressed: in the process of product development to the grim production, each of us to take the initiative to solve the problem, go to work hard, the only way we will be a bright future.
Aiming at the quality problem, AQSIQ has set up a special project team with the deputy general manager as the head, the general assistant, the general assistant as the deputy head, and the responsible department as the member. How to implement the quality of rectification activities, Guo Jinsong made specific requirements: First, the quality of products should have knowledge. Quality is the fundamental competition is the company's way to win, the company out of the product to reflect the quality of space products, pay attention to detail, not just look at how the car ran, in fact, experience, appearance is equally important. Second, the special group should have to play. Clear their responsibilities, to identify problems and timely feedback and solutions, do not prevaricate, to take the initiative as. Third, the quality of the Department to Yanzheng strict control, implementation in place. Focus on key issues to grasp, to know how to control, to distinguish who is responsible for who is responsible for, limit the time to solve the problem found. Fourth, the process design to site guidance. Quality awareness to be day-to-day, normalized, the daily rectification of the problem to be reported, to be summarized weekly; to increase the degree of participation, to prevent the continued production of the problem of production.
Aerospace heavy industry to carry out special quality rectification activities, is in full swing in progress.