Precautions before starting the concrete mixing plant


At present, many commercial concrete construction sites are required to be built in large-scale engineering construction. However, as a technical activity, every detail needs to be perfected, and finally it can play its role and smoothly promote the progress of the project. Therefore, before the commercial concrete station is put into use, it must be thoroughly inspected. What should we do before we start? Let's give you a brief introduction.

Before the start of the commercial trailer concrete pumps storehouse station, it mainly performs inspections in seven areas:
One is the checker mechanism. It is mainly to see whether the fixing of the parts and the connection of the parts are very stable and solid, and the parts that are frequently operated are not very flexible and have no poor rotation.
The second is to insist on fuel. It is necessary to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of fuel in the fuel tank to avoid unnecessary delay due to fuel shortage during the work process.
The third is to stick to the oil route. The main aspects are two aspects. One is whether there is any air to be excluded from the oil route and one is whether there is any oil leakage.
The fourth is to check the cooling water. This is easily  overlooked, but it is also very important. Depends on the amount of water is not enough, there is no leakage and so on.
Fifth, check the engine oil. The oil level of the oil cannot be too high or too low, and any condition must be resolved in time.
The sixth is to check the artificial lubrication, that is, see if the lubricating oil is added.
Seven inspections of debris, mainly to see if there are any debris around the machine and above, will not affect the machine operation and so on.
The above seven links are all part of the installation of a commercial concrete shop, but the hundred feet of levees are destroyed in the ants' burrows, and the details determine the success or failure. Any mistakes in any one link will cause troubles and troubles for follow-up work. Therefore, we are all one Can not be ignored, they must be carefully checked as required.