Precast concrete production machinery becomes necessary equipment for high railway bridge projects


High-speed railway construction Because of the large proportion of bridges and the long construction period involved in road and road foundations and other projects, the types and quantities of construction machinery required for construction around the bridges are also numerous. In recent years, large-scale construction of high-speed railway passenger dedicated lines in China has accounted for a large proportion of bridge projects, and has become an important force for pulling bridges for manufacturing, transportation, assumption of special equipment and concrete machinery and equipment.

In the process of high-speed rail construction, there are links such as subgrade engineering, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, and station construction. The equipment needs include concrete complete sets of machinery, lifting appliances, hydraulic steel formwork, steel rebar processing equipment, beam transport vehicles, beam elevators, and racks. Bridge machines, slope protection, tunnel prefabrication equipment, etc. Regardless of whether it is a concrete complete machine or a prefabricated slope protection equipment production plant, the concrete production adopts centralized plant mixing, slope protection, and tunnel prefabrication. The 2-3 bid sections must be equipped with a prefabricated piece production equipment to produce 60-90 square meters of concrete a day. The prefabricated parts complete the operation of the prefabricated parts and should be equipped with corresponding drying area and stacking area.

The prefabricated high-iron concrete components are mainly constructed by prefabricating a concrete prefabricated site every 2-4 bids, and producing certain prefabricated concrete slopes, drainage ditch, and wire troughs as required. Concrete prefabricated components mainly rely on concrete mixing stations, concrete prefabricated parts production lines, and transport vehicles to complete. It is produced on the prefabricated site and transported by forklifts to the drying area for drying, mold removal, palletizing, and transportation.

The traditional subgrade engineering relies on manual stacking and slope protection, which is slow in efficiency, high in labor cost, and requires large amounts of work. The use of machinery instead of manpower has greatly improved the emancipation of labor and improved the efficiency of the project.

For the construction of cross-sea and cross-river bridges in deep-water construction, special construction equipment such as piling vessels, concrete mixing vessels and crane vessels are also required.

For railway construction equipment such as bridge erecting machines and prefabrication production machinery, self-purchase is the main construction machinery, and leases are also available. Because equipment costs are high, they are generally reused as long as they are within their useful life. Taking Wuhan Longqi prefabricated parts production machine as an example, multiple tenders are jointly purchased or leased, and machinery is easily disassembled to adapt to the working environment in the field. More than 60 kinds of existing templates on the market can be produced, with powerful functions and long service life. Therefore, most of the high-speed prefabrication parts production equipment transition to the main. In the transition, some equipment may be adapted to the new design of the weighing, and the degree of automation needs to be reformed.

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