Matters needing attention when commissioning concrete mixer


1. Check whether the lubricating oil of each gearbox and each lubrication part is sufficient.
2. Check the power supply voltage: The rated voltage is 380 volts with an error of ±10%.
3. Check that the wiring of the motor and electrical components is secure. The power distribution box housing must be grounded reliably. The power supply neutral line must be delivered to the terminal block N in the distribution box. All the pipelines should be properly placed to prevent accidents caused by crushing during work.
4. Start the stirring motor. The direction of rotation of the two half shafts should be consistent with the direction indicated by the sign. If the direction is wrong, the power supply wiring should be changed.
5. Start the reeling motor lifting hopper. When the hopper is lifted to the unloading position, it should stop automatically and the bucket door will open automatically. When the hopper is in motion, if the motor is de-energized, the brake motor will brake the hopper. If the hopper falls more than 50mm, the braking torque is too small, and the large nut of the brake motor should be adjusted to increase the braking torque. When the hopper descends, it is stuck in the horizontal ramp, and after descending to the bottom of the pit, the rope is slightly loose, the down-stroke switch is actuated, and the scroll mechanism is automatically stopped.
6. Start the unloading mechanism, and the opening and closing of the discharge door should be in place. Start the pump to draw water, and the water supply system should be running normally.
7. Determine the water supply according to the required ratio and adjust the time relay to the corresponding water supply time. Start the stirring motor.
8. Close the discharge door and add the required mixture to the hopper to lift the hopper. All should run smoothly and freely in any position on the track. If there is slippage, put it all in the bottom of the pit and adjust the large nut on the brake motor. After the hopper is upgraded normally and the brake is reliable, the water is fed into the mixing drum and the water pump is started to supply water to the mixing drum.
9. After stirring for 25-35 seconds, start the discharge door to unload.
10. In the above test operation, if abnormal conditions are found, stop the inspection immediately, eliminate the fault, and then test again, knowing that it is normal. After the new machine is used for one day, the bolts on the lining and other places should be checked. The lubrication part of the transmission is lubricated with oil.

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