Maintenance of different system of concrete mixer


 1, The gas system: air pump crankcase oil surface height in the oil window within the range, the gas cylinder to be sensitive, effective piping and interface shall not leak, damaged at the time to repair. The oil and water separator and the tank can be drained daily and the oil atomizer should have enough oil.
   2, Water system: Sheung Shui valve to switch well, if the fault in time to rule out.
   3, The transmission system: V-belt tension, chain tightness, even the interval between the joints, conveyor belt is normal.
   4, Mixing system: mixing leaves, the door side board, liner, mixing arm is missing and damaged. Mixer is left in the material, if any time to clean up.
   5, The lubrication system: the grease to add grease to focus on the shaft seal, the box check the oil level, plus enough grease.
   6, Around the foot screw double-headed adjustment screw bolts can not loose the lack of.
   7, Do a good job inside and outside the operating room mixer and mixer, the stairs have a clean ground.