Line release warmer signs of clear signs of rising industry

"Busy, feet do not stick to the busy." Speaking of 2016, Sany Heavy Machinery Structural Parts Department Director Lang Xiaodong said.
At present, mainly engaged in production management work Lang Xiaodong, was promoted to director of the workshop just more than a year, and 2016 is also digging machine-wide company as "the most busy year." "This year's 31 small digging production is about to break 10000, this will be a record of the history of the other, such as mine models performance is very brisk." Review 2016 the first three quarters, Lang Xiaodong feel very proud. "The whole industry has been down for years," he says. "It's a really impressive number."
"Staff did not have time to barber, October we have a total of 2 days to rest, but most of the staff in order to ensure the progress of the rest only one day on October 1." Small digging company assembly department Yangshao Yong described, "some Agents, and even with the customer to the company point of view equipment production progress, but also from time to time to call me to ask the current situation, to ensure that customers always know when their equipment to the site, the market can imagine the hot situation.
"This year's '13th Five-Year Plan' draft, a large number related to the field of construction machinery, boosting industry recovery, in order to dig machine as the representative of the demand for construction machinery products The market share of the main factors, the quality of our product performance itself is also very outstanding, very popular with customers, Sany excavator in the domestic market share from 8.5% in 2010, rose to 2016 In the first nine months of 19.5%.