How concrete mixing plant equipment is automated


With the continuous advancement of technology, today's concrete mixing plant equipment after years of upgrading, now has the automated assembly line production, and combined with the design of the site more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, then the current concrete mixing plant equipment is how to carry out automated production What is the principle of this?

Aggregate is discharged from the aggregate silo unloading door into the aggregate hopper for measurement. The metering system automatically weighs the various materials needed for the single brewing according to the value set on the control computer. After the measurement is completed, it is unloaded onto the batching plants running belt and sent by the belt conveyor to the upper part of the mixer to wait for the next action. At the same time as the aggregates are metered and conveyed, the cement powder is conveyed by the screw conveyor to the weighing hopper for measurement. The water is sent to the weighing hopper by the pump and the admixture also has a special pumping device.

All materials are measured automatically through the operation of the control system. When all materials are measured, the control system issues instructions, and the materials are fed into the mixer according to the established sequence. Then the host begins to stir and mix the materials to achieve the set agitation. After time, the material is stirred evenly to form concrete. Then open the mixer discharge door and unload the concrete into the waiting concrete transporter. Then you can start the next work cycle.