Fei Gaoyun led a delegation to Beijing to connect with the central enterprises to promote major projects to break through the first stop to visit China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry

Yesterday evening 6:30, Fei Gao Yun and his entourage arrived in Beijing by train, immediately rushed to the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, to visit the general manager of Sun Bo and other corporate executives.
    China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation is mainly engaged in the research and development of ships and related equipment and non-marine equipment, and has developed large-scale complete sets of equipment and high-tech industries. It has independently developed and produced hundreds of non-marine products, forming energy equipment, Transportation, electronic information, special equipment, materials trade, and other five plates, a number of brand products in the industry-leading position, is the only shipbuilding industry in the world's top 500 enterprises.
    Fei Gao Yun said that the Changzhou municipal party committee and government attach great importance to cooperation with the central enterprises, the focus to visit the central enterprises, and also hope that the central enterprises to expand new space for cooperation. China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries has strong independent innovation and product development capabilities, Changzhou is currently focused on creating intelligent manufacturing city, industrial base is better. The two sides in the smart manufacturing, producer services, financial industry, urbanization and scientific research and other areas to seek cooperation and jointly promote the development of the depth of integration of military and civilian.
    Sun Bo said that Changzhou manufacturing industry developed, innovation ability is very strong. At present, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries is also from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing transformation, the two sides have a lot in common in the development, which is a good basis for cooperation. China Shipbuilding Heavy Industries and Changzhou in the smart manufacturing, new materials, energy saving, smart city construction, logistics and trade, product support, urban and rural construction and other aspects of cooperation are very interested in the next step, CSIC will send a research group to Changzhou Field trips.