Experts teach you how to take care of the mixing pump


More and more people have realized the importance of preventing the failure of construction machinery. There is an old saying in China that “preparing for the rainy day and taking preventive measures.” Only when the normal use of construction machinery is ensured, the project can be completed as planned. The only way to go forward smoothly is to use the construction machinery to make every boss feel even more powerful. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the continuation of the machine life.

One: reduce various corrosion effects
The phenomenon of destruction caused by chemical or electrochemical reactions between the metal surface and the surrounding medium is called corrosion of the Raymond Mill. This corrosion will not only affect the normal operation of the mechanical appearance equipment, but also will corrode the parts inside the machinery. Such as rain, chemical substances in the air through the mechanical parts of the external access, cracks, etc. into the machinery inside, corrode mechanical parts, accelerate mechanical wear, increase mechanical failure cement production equipment. Because of this corrosion is sometimes invisible. Inadvertent, mortar concrete pumps,easily overlooked, and therefore more harmful composite crusher. In use, management and operations personnel should take effective measures to reduce effective measures to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion on machinery in light of local weather conditions and air pollution conditions at the time. The key is to prevent the infiltration of rainwater and chemical components in the air into the machinery. .

II: Reducing the Impact of Continued Impurities
Mechanical impurities generally refer to dust, soil, and other non-metallic materials and some metal shavings, wear products, etc. that are produced by the construction machinery during its use. Once these impurities enter the inside of the machine and reach the mechanical surface, the damage is very great. Not only does the relative movement stop and accelerate the wear of the parts, but it also scratches the matching surface, destroys the lubricant film, and increases the temperature of the parts. High, lubricant deterioration. According to the determination, when the mechanical impurities in the lubricant increase to 0.15%, the wear degree of the first piston ring of the engine will be 2.5 times larger than the normal value; when the rolling bearing enters the impurity particles, its life will be reduced by 80% to 90%. Therefore, for construction machinery that works in harsh environments and complicated conditions, it is necessary to use high-quality, supporting parts and lubricants and greases to block the source of harmful impurities; secondly, to do a good job of mechanical protection at the work site. To ensure that the corresponding agencies can work properly to prevent various impurities from entering the machinery. For faulty machinery, try to repair the coal mill at a regular repair site. During on-site repairs, protective measures must also be taken to prevent parts that are replaced during on-site repairs from being contaminated by impurities such as dust before entering the machine.

Three: reduce the impact of temperature
When stirring and towing the pump during operation, the temperature of each component has its own normal range of double-roll crusher. If the general cooling water temperature is 80 ~ 90 °C, hydraulic transmission system hydraulic oil temperature is 30 ~ 60 °C, below or beyond this range will accelerate the wear of the parts, causing deterioration of the lubricant, resulting in changes in material properties and so on. Tests have shown that the main drive gears and bearings of various construction machines operate at -5°C in lubricating oils and operate at 3°C in lubricating oils, increasing the wear by 10 to 12 times. But when the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the deterioration of the lubricating oil. For example, when the oil temperature is checked at 55-60°C, the oil oxidation rate doubles when the oil temperature rises by 5°C. For this reason, during the use of construction machinery, it is necessary to prevent overload operation at low temperatures, ensure normal operation of the low-speed pre-warming phase, and allow the machine to reach the prescribed temperature before proceeding with driving or work. Do not ignore it because no problems occur at the time. Important to do; Second, to prevent the machine running at high temperatures, the mechanical operation process should always check the value of various temperature gauges, found that the problem immediately stop the inspection, found that even if the failure to exclude the roller break. For those who cannot find a reason for the moment, they must not be handled and still make the machinery sick. In the usual work, pay attention to check the working condition of the cooling system compound crusher. Water-cooled machinery must be inspected and added with cooling water before daily work. For air-cooled machinery, dust on the air-cooled system must be regularly cleaned to ensure that the cooling air ducts are unobstructed.