Baotou City Subway Investment Group and his party here visit iron heavy industry

Baotou City Metro Investment Group Co., Ltd. Chairman and general manager Wang Yong, deputy secretary of the party committee, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Chairman of the board of supervisors Li Qiang, and his party braved bursts of autumn rain to visit Heavy Rail construction and green underground rail corridor construction related matters To visit, the company chairman, party secretary Liu Feixiang and other leaders accompanied.
In the Iron and Steel Heavy Machinery Boring Machine Manufacturing Plant, Wang Yong and his entourage first listened to the company chairman, party secretary Liu Feixiang of the boring machine, special equipment and track equipment and a large number of industries with independent intellectual property rights and technology products, Introduced, and then into the boring machine manufacturing plant new large-diameter shield assembly plant and special equipment manufacturing plant production site to understand the study.
After the visit, the two sides in the Group on the fourth floor conference room to communicate and negotiate. Baotou City Metro Investment Group Chairman and General Manager Wang Yong of the Group's development scale, management processes, advanced production technology and a series of major innovations gave a high praise and evaluation. The two sides and the next step Baotou subway shield, pipe and pipe corridors and other equipment business cooperation model proposed research and discussion. The study of iron construction heavy industry into the Baotou subway market has a positive role in promoting.