Advantages of using diesel engines in concrete mixing plants


First of all, the diesel engine has the characteristics of high thermal efficiency and low fuel consumption. The effective thermal efficiency of the hybrid station diesel engine is 30%, 46%, higher than that of the high pressure turbine and steam turbine, and the fuel consumption is low.

Secondly, the mixing equipment is compact, lightweight, powerplant and steam turbine. Diesel generator equipment is relatively simple, less auxiliary equipment, small size, light weight, so on-site metal diesel generator sets, unit effective quality: for 34-68kx kW / kW low-speed diesel engine, 20 kinds of towel high-speed engines, high-speed 48kx will be 14kx / Kilowatts/kW, diesel engines and steam powered plants are 4 higher than C.
The station equipment is quickly started and diesel blended and will soon reach full power: the diesel engine is pneumatic; it only takes a few seconds in a country's first aid to be able to fully load the LMM to full load. In the normal working state of the pain, and from the beginning it takes 3 cents for the diesel trailer concrete pumps engine to stop the process. The full load steam power plant is also very short, you can start and stop frequently.

There are diesel engines, the cooling water consumption is small, and need sufficient water source: diesel unit dry tile, cooling water frog 46 will be 2L / (kW, K), and condensing steam turbine is 48d-610l / (kW / hour), the difference is near 10 times.
Diesel engines have a single capacity, and diesel generator sets range in capacity from tens of watts to millions of kilowatts. At present, the maximum capacity of domestic units is thousands of dry tiles. The utility model is suitable for large-scale buildings, B-bridge construction, tunnel construction, industrial and mining enterprises, military installations, and single-capacity emergency power stations of standby power stations. The utility model has a wide selection range and can use more than 10 kinds of capacity and electric load.

In addition, the concrete mixing station has simple mechanical maintenance and requires fewer operators. Easy to maintain.